Painted stone 01
Painted stone 02
Painted stone 03
Painted stone 04
Painted stone 05
Coarse rustic stone
Red rustic stone
Bright rustic stone
Bright smoothed stone
Ancient floor & fountain
Large & bright stone
Especially large stones
Wells with a bottom line
Processed stairs
Columns and elements
Marked openings
Tobaza stone wall
Taltesh stone wall

Antique Stone Trade

Our preservation work created the need to hold a large and varied inventory of stones from dismantling.

We hold a vast inventory of stones for walls, floors and various elements such as building corners, stairs, coping stones, window spaces and more. All the stones in our possession have been dismantled in the Jerusalem area. The flagstones undergo sorting, cleaning and repair processes and arrive to the customer clean and sorted.

The flagstones are unique because they were created at a time when there was no use of stone plains. The stone was cut from a block and its sides were finely carved; after years of use the stones’ surfaces were smoothed thus creating its unique texture. The old stones are very thick and there is an option to attain thinned material.

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