About us

Zohar Sella Construction and Renovations began its operation as a business in Jerusalem in 1994. After two years in January 1996 the business became a company called Zohar Sella Construction co. Ltd.
Even in its early years the company began executing works in the filed of preservation, reinforcement and dismantling of old buildings. 
The company specializes mainly in a numbered dismantling of old structures which are condemned and in rebuilding. The company documents and numbers the structure, while executing careful manual demolition, eviction and storage of the stone for the duration of the project's construction, returning the building to the site and rebuilding it. Read about our leading projects
In addition, the company carries out cleaning of external walls using various cleaning methods and has executed many external cleaning jobs in the city's center and works in collaboration with the municipality of Jerusalem. Read about our leading works
The company provides old stones from disassembly, ancient stones, paving, walls, steps and various elements as well as exports them abroad.
The company is registered with the Contractors Registrar in branch 100 C1, license number 18235 since 1996.

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